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Mops, Brushes & Scrubs

Mops, Brushes & Scrubs
Mops, Brushes & Scrubs
Model: VD-AP-2928
3G Clean Kitchen Wiper..
₹52 ₹55
Ex Tax:₹52
Model: VD-AP-2929
3G Clean Super Scrub 1N..
₹63 ₹66
Ex Tax:₹63
Model: VD-AP-2930
Clip Mop 3 G Clean..
₹167 ₹176
Ex Tax:₹167
Model: VD-AP-2931
Dustpan 3 G Clean..
₹42 ₹44
Ex Tax:₹42
Model: VD-AP-3064
Gala Bathroom Cleaner..
₹156 ₹164
Ex Tax:₹156
Model: VD-AP-3065
Gala Double Lip Bathroom Wiper..
₹208 ₹219
Ex Tax:₹208
Model: VD-AP-3066
Gala Floor Wiper No..
₹183 ₹193
Ex Tax:₹183
Model: VD-AP-3067
Gala Iron Brush 1..
₹72 ₹76
Ex Tax:₹72
Model: VD-AP-3068
Gala Laxmi broom Jadoo..
₹178 ₹187
Ex Tax:₹178
Model: VD-AP-3062
Gala Long Handle Scrubber..
₹172 ₹182
Ex Tax:₹172
Model: VD-AP-3069
Gala Microfiber Duster 1Pcs..
₹146 ₹154
Ex Tax:₹146
Model: VD-AP-3063
Gala Quik Spin Mop Box..
₹1,880 ₹1,979
Ex Tax:₹1,880
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